“Combining comedy in many forms – visual, verbal, physical and satirical – we’re still laughing when we realise the responsibility of that future is ours”

“It’s catastrophe comedy that leaves you breathless, thoughtful, and craving fairy bread.”

★★★★1/2 Mark Wickett, Stage Whispers

A party. A fourth birthday party. A truly wonderful and lovely fourth birthday party. The world isn’t ending. We have honey crackles and fairy bread and the world isn’t ending at all.

In a suburban backyard, in front of an altar of compostable party plates and fun-size sausage rolls, a darling little boy is having an outer-space-themed birthday party. 

Somewhere in Texas, a billionaire charts his next phallic-rocket voyage to Mars. 

A mother crawls through a Mad Max desert in search of life-sustaining supplies.

A father beats the candy out of a crêpe-paper lolly-horse.

With surreal storytelling and a blistering sonic landscape, SAMUEL is a shimmering, hypercolour attempt at extinguishing the flames of the apocalypse, one birthday candle at a time.

Playwright/Performer- Mary Angley

Performer- Yoz Mensch

Sound Designer/Co-Deviser- Dan Thorpe

Creative Producer- Caitlin Ellen Moore

Supported by The Mill and the Adelaide Fringe through the Centre Stage Residency

Photography: Caitlin Ellen Moore and Dylan Minchenberg