The Triumph of Man: A Comedy in Two Acts

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Set in a fictional dictatorship, two actors are kidnapped and forced to perform a [REDACTED]  propaganda play called The [REDACTED] of [REDACTED].

A university student named [REDACTED] decides that now is the time to bring justice to the regime that [REDACTED] her parents.

Meanwhile, the [REDACTED] leader, General Ferdinand, ignores the issues of his country in favour of writing an “educational” script that glorifies his [REDACTED] image for the great unwashed masses.

Written by award-winning playwright, [REDACTED][REDACTED], The Triumph of Man: A Comedy in Two Acts is a whimsical farce that examines how truth is constructed in an age of Fake News, Rupert [REDACTED], and Tik Tok. This premiere performance, directed by [REDACTED][REDACTED], will ask “Where does entertainment end and [REDACTED] begin?”, “How much freedom should an artist have?”, “What are our [REDACTED] as [REDACTED]?”, and “what are our duties [REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED]?”


Playwright – James Watson
Director/Designer – Mary Angley
Sound Designer – Reggie Parker
Casting Director – Caitlin Ellen Moore

‘One’ – Arran Beattie
‘Two’ – Chris Best
Axelle – Ellen Graham
General Ferdinand/Karl – Yoz Mensch
Artemon/Bec – Poppy Mee
Ivana/Erasmus– Grace Boyle


14-26 September, 2021 at RUMPUS Theatre. Tickets Here

Supported by Arts South Australia, The Helpmann Academy, and Replay Creative.