LEAR: A Livestream

Day 14, Part 2: Act 4, Scene 6; Act 4, Scene 7; Act 5, Scene 1; Act 5, Scene 2; Act 5, Scene 3.

LEAR is a durational, digital performance exploring notions of artistry, positionality, and productivity in the age of Covid-19. The piece was created in response to a now-viral Tweet made by Rosanne Cash in the early days of the Pandemic:

This Tweet opened up numerous debates within the arts community: for some, it was point of inspiration; for others, it was a source of unnecessary pressure. For others still, it was a reminder of the intersection between productivity and privilege- specifically in times of crisis.

Over a two week period of quarantine, Mary Angley logged on to her personal Facebook account every day in order to livestream herself attempting to write out every word of King Lear by hand. She was joined by her dramaturg, Meta Cohen; her creative consultant, James Watson; and a handful of regular viewers. These videos created a small but regular forum for camaraderie, discussion, and emojis.

The whole affair produced 19 and a half hours of near-unwatchable video content and used up half a ream of A4 printer paper.

What remains is an open question regarding the obligation to continue creating art in a crisis.

To view the full video archive, click here.